Ye Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke: Mishti Unveils The Truth

Shaheer Shaikh, Rhea Sharma

In the star plus show Ye Rishte Hain Pyaar ke where we seen that Kuhu and Kunal’s love story is at the top  level where Mishti took a big decision and disclose Kuhu and Kunal’s love story to the family.

Mishti wants help her sister Kuhu, so she decides  she will tell the family about their relationship.

When Mishti tells the family about Kuhu and Kunal, they are startled.

They scolds Kuhu and warns her, she will not contact Kunal. Kuhu becomes very sad, and leaves from there.

Mishti tries to understand family to her views but they do not listen her.

Misunderstanding between Kuhu and Mishti

After all the family drama, Kuhu misunderstand that Mishti did it willingly. Mishti tries to explain her but she didn’t hear her and burst upon her in anger.

Will Kuhu  hear Mishti?, otherwise their misunderstanding will become more. Will family try to understand Kuhu and Kunal’s love?

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