Ye Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke: Meenakshi’s Plan To Separate Abeer And Mishti

Rhea Sharma, shaheer Shaikh

YE Rishte hai Pyaar Ke: We all seen earlier that the marriage of Kunal And Kuhu’s  is fixed and After some days they will get marry. But Meenakshi is using Kunal and Kuhu for saparate Abeer and Mishti.

She knows that Kuhu loves Kunal and she wants to marry  him. So she told kunal that he must convince Kuhu that Mishti is not well wisher and they have to keep away Abeer from Mishti.

Kunal succeeds to Convince Kuhu that Mishti can’t see her happy and kuhu agree to help Kunal.

Meenakshi is planning something huge that no one know. She also getting help of Sweta( Kunal’s Ex girlfriend) for Making fool kuhu.

Parul Suspects on Meenakshi

Parul noticed that Kunal is happy to marrying with kuhu and she wants both of them get married.

She is real mother of Kunal and she suspects that Meenakshi is ignoring Kunal’s happiness for Abeer.

Now what step will parul take for her son’s happiness? 

Will Meenakshi success in her planing?

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