Ye Hai Mohobbatein: Ishita Leave The Bhala’s House


In the episode of 18th march 2019 Aliya’s condition is going worse day by day ..and Ishita started blaming Yug for all this. When Rohan reached the Bhalla house He also blamed yug for Aaliyah’s condition. then a warm argument is happened between yug and Raman and when Raman told yug to get out of the house and trying to slap him Sudha (Rohan’s mother) reached there and shouted at the Raman that how dere he to slept her son. Rohan’s brother Karan started blaming Rohan that he is not a good son he only cared about Aaliya not his mother then they went from the house.

After all, this Raman started saying all fault was Ishita not yug after hearing all this Ishita got angry and went to her room. They also quarreled in their room. And Ishita leaves the Bhalla house in anger.

Raman tried to convince her but he failed even Mihika also helped him making Sambar for Ishita but Ishita didn’t eat the sambhar and said that” if Yug will stay in the house she will stay away from house” and she went her mother’s house.


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