Sakti Astitva Ke Ahsaas Ki: Saumya’s New Mission

Rubina dilaik, vivian dsena

In the colors t.v serials Sakti Astitva Ke Ahsaas ki  where saumya(rubina) is on her new mission to cure Vedaant. and make able him to stand in his feets.

we all know that Vedaant meets an accident and in the accident his legs damaged and now he can’t move from his feets he is on wheel chair.

Vedaant’s father requests Saumya to take care of her but Vedaant doesn’t want to see her because she was kinner but Saumya she doesn’t affected from his words and she is doing his care taker job.

Where Vedaant every time insulted her and told her that she  is not a normal lady she is kinner so she has no need to be makeup.

When Saumya planed a surprise for him. She decorated his cards which he made for his mother and paste them in the wall in the thought that he will be happy to see this but unfortunately he get angry to see the surprise and destroyed it.

He threatens Saumya that if she will not leave from his house he will kill himself. And Saumya goes from there.


Harman Is In Vedaant’s House

Harman and his father is came to Vedaant’s house for doing business with him and Vedaant’s father came again Saumya in the house how Harman will reacts to see Saumya as a caretaker. And will Saumya complete his mission to heel vedaant from his disease. 

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