Kundali Bhagya: Karan Insulted Preeta

Shardha Arya, Dheraaj Dhooper, Manit jaura.
Kndali BHagya

In the upcoming episode of Zee t.v popular show Kundali bhagya where karan Insulated Preeta being influenced by Sherlyn’s words and told her that she was sold for money and because of her Sherlyn and Rishabh’s Marriage was happened.

Sherlyn makeover like Preeta and Click pictures like she was giving money Preeta. And she show it karan, seen the pictures karan get shocked and mistake  preeta and blame her that she was sell for some money.

He tells Preeta that she betray them. Rishabh trusts you allote and you got married his with Sherlyn.

He blame Preeta and call her greedy because she is not rich.

Firstly Preeta trys to explain herself but karan not hear her and continuously scolding her. 

After hear all the rubbish of karan preeta gets angry and slap him.

She Tells karan that she didn’t take any money from Sherlyn and not she is with sherlyn. But now she will not explain her in front of you.

Shardha Arya, Dheeraj Dhooper.

Preeta try Breaking Sherlyn And Rishabh’s Marriage

After listen all the drama of Karan now Preeta is doing focus on breaking the marriage of Sherlyn and Rishabh.

She decide that she will break their marriage and save her friend Rishabh from Sherlyn’s clutche.

Now what will Preeta do for save Rishabh. 

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