Kasuati Zindagi Key: Mr.Bajaj trying to Assess The Loyalty of Prerna

Prerna, Anurag
Kasauti Zindagi Key

In the upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi ki where Mr. Bjaj is trying to access that how loyal Prerna is for her husband.

Here it goes, Prerna and Anurag were very tensed because of Mr. bajaj. They don’t know how they will save their business.

Mr. Bajaj hate Disloyal ladies. Recently a new promo released of the show in which we saw that an employee’s wife was trying to flirt with them, and me. bajaj fired her husband because of her disloyalty, he told her that i hate disloyal ladies, so i fire your husband. And he went from there.

Mr. bajaj threatens Anurag that he will take away everything from him. That’s why Prerna and Anurag are trying to find a new way to defeat Mr. bajaj.

Now Prerna decides that for the sake of her husband She will personally meet Mr. Bajaj  and would try to short out the matter.

Prerna And Mr.bajaj’s Meeting

Prerna goes to meet with Mr. bajaj. He thinks that she must be also like other women, who are disloyal to their husband. He tried to test her. He told her that he will make Anurag free on a condition if she becomes his…

How will Prerna React to Mr. Bajaj’s statement? Will she accept Bajaj’s proposal? 

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