kasauti Zindagi Key: Komolika’s Shocking Confession

Prerna, Anurag
image of Kasauti zindagi ki 2 serial

Kasauti zindagi key’s upcoming twist is that komolika confessed that she tried to murder moloy.

All viewer’s know that moloy doesn’t like Komolika and he doesn’t accept her as a basu’s daughter in law. and he also wants Prerna to become his daughter in law. Being frustrated from all this Komolika tried to killed them but unfortunately he survived.

Komolika plotted a plan to killed Moloy and Rajesh . When they are coming home from finished their work they meet an accident and Rajesh was dead in the accident and  Moloy was alive  but he went in coma.

In the Hospital when Komolika blamed Prerna for destroying his life Moloy was came in sense and he slept Komolika. 

family’s Reaction after heard this after heard this

When Moloy slept Komolika ,Komolika got angery and in the anger she confessed all her evil plans that yes she tried to killed Moloy and Rajesh but luckily Moloy survived . Only Prerna and Anurag doesn’t heard this infact all house members overhear Komolika’s confession and after hearing all this Mohini slept Komolika  and told that she ruined her son’s life she is not worth of called daughter in law of basu’s .She told Kolika to leave from my son’s life you don’t have any right of stay in his life.

Now will she accept Prerna as her daughter in law and Anurag’s wife otherwise again came in Komolika’s  bluff.