Bepanha Pyaar: A new Secret

Pearlvpuri, Ishita dutta, Aparna dixit
Bepanah Pyaar

colors t.v show Bepanah Pyaar where Sudha chandran (kunti) took a new entry. In the show she is doing a Rule of Raghvir’s Step mother (Badi Maa).

Kunti is trying to unite Pragati and Raghvir. But there is something that nobody is noticing.

Kunti , her mental condition not good so Raghvir and Pragati have to act happy couple in front of her.

Pragati noticed Something awkward in Badi maa’s behavior. Sometime she acts like she had Forgot all the Past memories, And sometimes she remembers . 

Pragati find out that she knows about Vani but she pretending that she has forgotten her. She love Raghvir more than her son , she forget her own son and remembers her step son Raghvir. Pragati didn’t digest this thing.

She thinks that surly there is some connection between Vani, Raghvir and Kunti.

Vani Murder Mystery

While solving the vani murder mystery Sanket finds something in the family picture in Vani’s room.

Before he tells anyone ,he was crushed by the car and he died. But he left a letter for Pragti in the Vani’s room. 

When Pragati goes to Vani room she doesn’t find the letter. someone makes the letter desappear .

What is the connection Between vani’s murder and Kunti? will pragati unfold the mystery? 

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