Bepanah Pyaar: Vani’s mystery

Pearl v puri, Ishita dutta
Bepanah Pyaar

Bepanah Pyaar: Pragati is looking something wrong in this house. She saw someone who wants to hurt her, who was roaming in the. She hears sound of anklets in night, somewhere she realized that it is related to Vani.

 Everyone said that Vani  had dead in an accident even Raghuvir also accepted that she died in the accident but Pragati noticed that people of the family are hiding something from them.

She tries allot to talk to Raghuvir about this but he didn’t listen to her. She told Biji also but Biji changed the topic, also warned Pragati that the people of this house are not the way they look.

Pragati tells the family that there is something wrong but everyone is blaming her that she is making stories. 

An incident happens with Pragati which changes his thinking towards this matter. When Pragati is sleeping she sees that someone is moving in front of her room. She comes out and follows the shadow. She sees that there’s vani who throws the suitcase over it.

She screams and family comes there to know that why is Pragati  screaming. Pragati Tells them that she saw Vani there and Vani threw Suitcase on her. All are get shocked they tells Pragati that she is not well so she is seeing  all this rubbish. but Pragati knows that it is not her imagination she speculates that Vani wants to tell her something which everyone is hinding. 

Pragati finds out About Vani’s Murder

Pragati finds out that Vani wasn’t Died in accident , she was killed.

She tells it to Raghvir. Will Raghivir trust her?, Will she find out whole truth about Vani?

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