Bepanah Pyaar: Bani’s Killer

Pearl v puri, ishita dutta

In the colors T.v show Bepanah Pyaar where we had seen that Pragti saw something mess in the house. When she decides that she will find out whats going on. She goes in the Vani’s room where she gets evidence that Vani was killed by someone.

When Pragati opens the Suitcase of vani she came to know that Vani Had organised a surprise for Raghvir.

The surprise was that she was Pregnant but before she told to Raghvir she died. The box is packed so Pragati guesses that raghvir didn’t know this thing today.

Pragati wants to tell this raghvir but she feels that raghvir will be sad after hearing this news.

She again sees Vani’s shadow, she follows the shadow and enters the Vani’s room. She found no one there so she starts shouting who is it come in front.

She sees something written in the mirror. murder is written by blood , Pragati is shocked to see this.

Vani’s flashback at the mirror

 Vani shows pragati a flashback in the mirror to pragati, where someone is cutting the balcony’s wood hoop and  vani fells down.

Will  Pragati find out vani’s murderer?

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